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Welcome to Open Gate Press 

Open Gate Press was founded in 1988 by a group of psychoanalysts, social psychiatrists and artists to provide a forum for psychoanalytic social studies ­ a branch of psychoanalysis which Freud hoped would be a major contribution to the ‘liberation of humanity from the pathology of civilisations.’ Despite some attempts since Freud’s time to apply psychoanalysis to social problems, his hopes have not been fulfilled, and the raison d’être of Open Gate Press is to remedy this.

The company publishes a series Psychoanalysis and Society as well as writings by experts in various fields of the social sciences, with the objective of arousing the interest of a wide public. The aim of the publishers is also to bring life to the increasingly moribund state of philosophy.

Finally, the publishers are keen to promote debate on a wide variety of environmental issues.